Contract manufacturing of dietary supplements

  • What is contract manufacturing?
  • Advantages of contract manufacturing
  • Services offered by Hendel
  • Hеndel's products
  • Advantages of working with Hendel
  • Three more reasons to work with Hendel

What is contract manufacturing?

Competition on the market of dietary supplements is growing. New products and manufacturing companies appear every day. Much like in other market segments, giant companies are gradually replacing small and medium-sized businesses. But this problem can be solved by using contract manufacturing. Or in other words, by outsourcing certain production activities to a third party manufacturer.

This is the best option for companies who want to produce dietary supplements under their own brand name but rightly consider it unprofitable to make big investments in the equipment, space renting, staff training, etc.

Manufacturers offering production services can be divided into two types:

  • Those in charge of a part of the manufacturing process
  • those offering a full production cycle from product formulation to certification of finished products

Cooperation with several manufacturers

When choosing the first option, the company should take into account that several manufacturers will participate in the process. The advantage of this approach is that responsibility is divided between participants. The disadvantage is that the company will have to manage and monitor the process and make sure that each contact manufacturer fulfils its obligations. Besides, this may be unprofitable.

Cooperation with a manufacturer offering a full production cycle

This option requires cooperation with a single manufacturer who provides its production facilities, prepares all the documentation, develops the formulas of dietary supplements, manufactures packaging and controls all production stages. As a result, the manufacturer provides the finished product to the company. This is much more convenient and profitable if you find a manufacturer who fulfills its obligations in full because it values its reputation.

These include Hendel, one of the leaders in the development and production of beauty products and dietary supplements. This dynamically developing company understands that the market of dietary supplements will keep growing and developing and products must meet the highest standards to remain competitive.

Over the past 2 years, the sales of dietary supplements increased by almost 5% and there is a tendency towards continued growth. This means that contract production of branded supplements remains a promising business, given a small investment and high marginality of products.

Advantages of contract manufacturing

As mentioned above, when deciding to produce supplements under its own brand, the company may face a number of difficulties. Considering all these difficulties, the advantages of contract manufacturing are obvious.

Reduced production costs

To produce a trial batch you have to:

  • Rent production space
  • Purchase equipment
  • Hire workers
  • Train your staff
  • Find reliable suppliers of raw materials
  • Develop a unique formula
  • Create original packaging

Naturally, all this requires a lot of money. However, there is no guarantee that the product will be in demand, and all your costs will be covered. When you choose to cooperate with Hendel, this eliminates the need to invest in equipment, purchase materials, hire personnel, etc.

Since Hendel provides a full range of services, the cost of product storage and transportation is also optimised. All you need to do is arrange the delivery of finished products to the point of their sale.

You can focus on brand promotion

In addition to bringing your products to the market, it is also important to attract the attention of consumers. Therefore, competent branding is required. Brand promotion requires time and additional funds. The company has these resources if it is not engaged in the manufacturing of the product. Thus it can focus on promotion and improvement of the sales system.

Fast product launch

Contract manufacturing helps you launch your product quickly. After all, establishing a seamless production process may take you several months or even years. And the contractor, who undertakes to manufacture contract products for you, is interested in quick order execution. Your product can appear on the market a few weeks after the conclusion of a manufacturing contract.

You can quickly close the project

The quick introduction of your products to the market makes it possible to evaluate demand and get consumer feedback. If the results are unsatisfactory, the project can be quickly closed and the costs can be reduced because the risks are distributed among production participants.

Services offered by Hendel

Product registration and certification

Hendel's experience allows us to solve not only standard issues related to the state registration of products, but also to see outside of the box. Since we are talking about dietary supplements, the registration procedure can be very time-consuming, because dietary supplements are specialised food products.

In general terms, the registration process includes the following steps:

  • Creation of product formula by qualified specialists and registration of this formula
  • Preparation of certified materials in accordance with the formula of the product
  • Document confirming that the components of the product can be consumed safely
  • Production of test samples; product certification testing
  • Preparation of technical documentation
  • Preparation of documents for registration authorities based on the tests that have been carried out
  • Passing of all stages of registration in state bodies
  • Obtaining the Certificate of State Registration of the product

Formula development

Hendel is happy to offer its partners ready-made formulas of dietary supplements or develop original formulas based on their requirements. Bespoke formulations are created by highly qualified medical experts.

Hendel uses only natural ingredients:

  • Medicinal plant extracts
  • Amino acid
  • Natural fats and oils
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Dietary fibers

Hendel works with reliable suppliers who provide documentary evidence of the safety of raw materials. After purchase, these materials are stored in a warehouse that complies with Sanitary Regulations and Norms. It allows Hendel to have a constant stock of all the necessary components for the fast development of sample dietary supplements according to the requirements of its customers.


In order to meet the needs of all its customers, Hendel uses production facilities that can simultaneously produce:

  • 3 000 000 effervescent tablets
  • 864 000 cans of powder
  • 864 000 bottles of capsules
  • 1 296 000 sachets
  • 1 728 000 bottles of liquid products

The company's production facilities are equipped with the latest equipment that meets international standards and is regularly inspected by experts.

This is done to ensure that the finished product meets all standards. In fact, there are certain sanitary and epidemiological rules indicating the substances, technologies and equipment that can be used in the manufacturing process.

Unfortunately, not all companies offering contract manufacturing services comply with all these requirements. As a result, the customer may be unable to certify the finished product and the product may be banned. Hendel complies with all dietary supplement production requirements and has all the required certificates.

Packaging development

Not every company pays sufficient attention to the packaging of their products. However, package design allows the brand to communicate with the consumer. And the way the product looks affects its sales. It takes the consumer only 5 seconds to evaluate the product, determine whether it should be trusted and make a purchase decision.

Hendel's experts know how important packaging is and take a responsible approach to its creation. The customer chooses the type of packaging, and depending on this, the designer develops the design. Available packaging types include:

  • Tube
  • Box
  • Jar
  • Flow-pack
  • Sachet

The customer is offered several options of packaging design. Once the design is approved, Hendel starts the production of the entire batch.

Hеndel's products

Hendel offers to place an order for the contract manufacturing of dietary supplements in any of the categories that are currently popular:

  • Beauty and rejuvenation products
  • Weight loss products
  • Detox products
  • Immunity boosters
  • Sports supplements
  • Products for women's and men's health
  • Dietary supplements for memory improvement
  • Anti-stress products

If you are not sure which category or product form to choose, Hendel's experts will be happy to help you with the choice. They will analyse the market, identify the target audience and offer the most profitable options. Dietary supplements in the form of effervescent tablets, powders, capsules and drops are currently in high demand.

Advantages of working with Hendel

Full production cycle

Hendel takes care of the full production cycle. All you need to do is contact the company and share your ideas. After the initial consultation with experts, the process of product development begins. It comprises several stages:

1. The scope of work is determined. The technical requirements contain the requirements of the customer, as well as the preliminary terms and conditions, including deadlines. They also indicate the form of the supplement, as well as its main purpose, desired composition, etc.

2. Formula development. Once the scope of work is determined, Hendel's specialists start developing the formula in modern laboratories. In some cases (for example, when the product needs to be launched as soon as possible), the company offers an existing formula with an option to add some additional ingredients.

3. Prototype development and testing. Once the sample is ready, it is tested in the laboratory. This is necessary for its certification. Besides, it allows to make sure that the product meets all the necessary requirements.

4. Designing the packaging. While the product's prototype is produced, designers develop the packaging. Based on the customer's requirements, several packaging designs are offered to choose from.

5. Refinement of technical requirements. Once the samples are tested and checked for compliance with the official requirements, you can make adjustments to the technical requirements. For example, the formula or production technology can be changed. Also the production timing and volumes are specified at this stage. The exact cost of the order is calculated.

6. Serial production. Serial production is initiated only after the clarification of all details. Since Hendel cooperates with both large customers and small and medium-sized businesses, the minimum batch size is 5000 units.

7. Certification of the finished product. Hendel prepares the documents for certification and registration of the product and sends them to the state authorities. The customer receives the certificates.

Team of professionals

Process control engineers choose the production equipment and maintain all technical documentation. Also, the engineers choose the necessary methods of product quality control and monitor the operation of the equipment.

Chemical technologists develop the formula and control the entire process. Once the samples are produced, these specialists carry out quality control.

Designers create the packaging for dietary supplements in accordance with customer's requirements. They strive to make it look modern, bright and stylish, because this will make the product recognisable.

Hendel employs only top professionals. All of them have a relevant higher education degree and extensive experience.

Full transparency

Hendel guarantees full transparency of the manufacturing process to its partners. This means that all the processes, timings and costs are indicated in the contract, and the customer has access to every stage of production. This is possible because there are CCTV cameras in the production facilities and the manufacturing process is recorded around the clock.

The quality of raw materials

To create contract products, Hendel uses only natural ingredients of the highest quality. Raw materials are purchased from time-tested manufacturers who are ready to provide the documents confirming the high quality of the supplies.

Three more reasons to work with Hendel

Individual approach

Despite the fact that Hendel offers ready-made solutions, the company's specialists listen to the customer's demands and are ready to change the formula and technology, if these changes are within the regulatory requirements.

Strict adherence to deadlines

Hendel values its reputation and, therefore, complies with the contract's deadlines. Moreover, the company's experts make sure that the deadlines of every single production stage are met.


Hendel's managers will calculate the estimated cost of your order within 24 hours. If necessary, they will make adjustments to the contract as promptly as possible. The customer can be sure that no time will be lost, and the product will be launched quickly.