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Beware of counterfeits! Hendel LLC appeal to its customers and partners

Dear customers and partners of Hendel LLC, the cases of counterfeiting and manufacturing of imitations of our products have sharply increased recently. Hendel urges you to pay special attention to the products you buy. Remember: a counterfeit poses harm to your health!

Our products have the following distinctive features.

1. Currently, we are transferring all our products to a new level of protection, therefore all new batches of cosmetic products have: a special hologram that can not be separated from the packaging, or, in some cases, a unique microprint.

2. All original Hendel products are manufactured and distributed in a double package: tube / bottle / can / packet placed in a cardboard case (box).

3. Packaging of original products is made exclusively from high-quality materials, the products with similar names must be identical, differences in their format and quality are not permitted.

4. The organization responsible, Hendel LLC, is always indicated on the packaging of all original products.

5. Upon the client's request, copies of certification documents (Certificate of State Registration, Declaration of Conformity) are attached to all original products of Hendel company. Scanned copies of certification documents can be found on the product page under the heading "Certificates".

6. On primary and secondary packages of all original Hendel products there are no stickers and other peel-off elements.

New winter special offer from Hendel

Dear customers and partners! Now is the time to purchase our products under the winter special offer because we have expanded the range of participating products. Hurry, this is a time-limited offer!

Here’s a reminder on how the “1+1” offer works: purchase one box of any of the participating products to receive another one for free. The following products are now included in the winter special offer from Hendel:

1. Atlant Gel intimate lubricant gel for men

2. Bliss Hair Home System anti-hairloss lotion

3. Bustelle firming cream for women

4. Mulberry’s Secret intensive whitening serum

5. Princess mask Fresh face by Rachel Adams face care mask

6. Provocative Gel intimate lubricant gel for women

7. Psorilax calming cream for sensitive skin

More details here: winter special offer.

Denta Seal and Noia Derm won the “My Cosmetics-2018” Award

Denta Seal prophylactic toothpaste with whitening effect and Noia Derm botox-like effect serum became the winners of the internet voting stage of the IV National Award “My Cosmetics-2018” organized within the scope of the XXV International Perfumery and Cosmetics Exhibition InterCHARM.

The XXV International Perfumery and Cosmetics Exhibition InterCHARM took place in Moscow over the period of October 24 through October 28, 2018. The exhibition played host to the IV National Award “My Cosmetics-2018” organized under the auspices of the Russian Perfumery and Cosmetics Association. The Award is a unique national project demonstrating new trends and capabilities of the Russian cosmetics market to the audience of experts and the general public.

This year, 170 products made by 27 companies competed for the Award in 21 nominations. During one of the main stages of the Award, users all over the Internet voted for the best perfumery and cosmetic products produced in Russia in various categories. As evidenced by the results, all participating products manufactured by Hendel have managed to achieve a confident victory. Denta Seal prophylactic toothpaste with whitening effect took the lead in the “Oral hygiene products” nomination, and Noia Derm botox-like effect serum became the winner in the “Anti-age face care products” nomination.

It is worth mentioning that this is the second time for Denta Seal to be brought to attention of consumers and be highly rated by experts. Within the scope of the 46th Moscow International Dental Forum and Exhibition DENTAL-EXPO 2019, Denta Seal toothpaste has received the official approval of the Russian Dental Association, as evidenced by the “Approved by StAR (RDA)” mark.

InterCHARM is the largest perfumery and cosmetics exhibition in Russia, the CIS, Central and Eastern Europe demonstrating the newest developments presented by Russian and foreign manufacturers and producers of perfumery and cosmetics as well as equipment, ingredients, and packaging for cosmetic products. This year’s exhibition brought together about 5,000 Russian and foreign brands, including both well-known brands and startups, with the corresponding products being demonstrated at more than 1,100 stands.

Awarded certificates are available to browse on the corresponding product pages: Denta Seal and Noia Derm

Denta Seal toothpaste has received an official approval of the Russian Dental Association

On September 24, 2018, Hendel took part in the 46th Moscow International Dental Forum and Exhibition DENTAL-EXPO 2019. During the event, which brought together over 30,000 participants, one of the key Hendel products, namely Denta Seal prophylactic toothpaste with whitening effect, has received the official approval of the Russian Dental Association, as evidenced by the corresponding certificate.

The certificate confirms the efficiency of the product as well as its compliance with the requirements of applicable state regulations. The “Approved by StAR (RDA)” mark awarded to the product allows recommending Denta Seal toothpaste to a wide range of consumers for the purpose of effectively maintaining dental health. This mark is also a guarantee of consumer properties, qualities, and performance certified by the Russian Dental Association.

Denta Seal is a unique compound-action toothpaste. Hydroxyapatite (one of the components of the toothpaste) helps to fill the micro-cracks in the tooth enamel, strengthening it and restoring its mineral balance. The whitening complex with papain allows gently removing dental plaque. Regular use of toothpaste decreases the risk of development of caries (tooth decay). Denta Seal restores the healthy and natural white color of your teeth while making your breath fresh and pleasant.

A detailed description of Denta Seal prophylactic toothpaste is available here: